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A Shambala Journey

Published October 17, 2014 by Maia Kyi'Ra Nartoomid

Islands in the Stream

Maia Kyi'Ra as Owl Guardian Maia Kyi’Ra as Owl Guardian

Shambala or Shambahala is supposedly an etheric city of grace and splendor. Some say in the Inner Earth others simply in another dimension (however, the Inner Earth is in a slightly removed dimension). Thoth speaks of Shambala as a gate…a passage into the dimensional “future” of the New Earth Star. It is a movement, a zone, a moment, that transcends this world and connect us specifically to the brighter Light of our future Being. Of course, “future” is merely a developed term for as yet not experienced by our conscious senses.

Each of us takes this journey into and through Shambala individually but we also have touch-points of this experience collectively as well. it is a very Existential experience that becomes more shared as one progresses toward the source…the Shambala state of awareness.

Before I continue further on the topic of A Shambala Journey . . .

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